Friday, June 29, 2007

Is it a Book?

This was another challenge in swap-bot. I had to make a book out of something that isnt usually a book , or alter a book into something not a book.

Get that?

I was gonna change up a nursery board book I had and cut and paint on it, but then I decided to make a book out of something that isnt a book.

I used a map! I have tons of maps here and this one is of Ontario from a 1978 National Geographic.

I folded it and cut it and bound it to make a book. Then I decorated and made the cover.

Then I did some inside pages with all views of Ontario. Here's a couple of them.

This is getting sent to California, so hopefully she can get a sense of seasons and what its like here.

1 comment: said...

Great job, and glad you have the photos clickable so we can see them a bit larger. Makes all the difference!