Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Well the day is here! There is a blog party goin on and welcome! To join the party go to

My halloween post is about some chocolates Sarah and I made. Different colors made up some sticks and ghouly figures!

These are the sticks Sarah did with painted chocolate faces.

These are mine with painted chocolate colors. Very time consuming but they turned out neat!

I took one figure and 2 sticks and made up some halloween bags for our friends. Each tag was stamped with a spooky image and their names written on them and tied with some orange halloween ribbon.

For those of you following my gifts, it is day 6! For those who dont have a clue what I am talking about see my previous posts to see my other gifts.

I wasn't sure what this was?

Nice! Pretty green earrings in a silver star bag.

Last day tomorrow - this was fun!

Have a good halloween everyone!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Day 5

I just got home awhile ago - today was my first day alone at the library!(It's a small library)It went great - I love it! Books and getting paid for it? Is that not perfect for me?

Something else that is perfect for me are these presents! I love everything. Today was a flat pack.

I opened it to a bunch of scrapbooking supplies - great! Stickers, cardstock and a booklet with ideas. Do you see the MOOSE? I'm always looking for moose stickers and never see them. Also pine cones and trees? Did I say perfect?

Off to look at my books - fringe benefits!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Day 4 and a spooooky party!

I thought this one was some kind of metal cause I could hear it moving.

It was a case full of goodies!Sequins, ribbon, feathers and embellishments.

I also heard about a party yesterday! It's for ghouls and gals for Halloween posts.

The details are here

See ya there!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Day 3

This was heavy and felt like paper so I thought it was a magazine. I was right! But look what one!!

EEK! I love it! She couldn't have picked a better one for me. 450+ mixed media and papercrafting projects!

YAY! Guess what I'm doing this weekend? AND with the new Victoria I got in the mail too. *doing Happy dance*

I'll be back on Monday with number 4. We are getting a new to us table and chairs tonight. It was Sean's Grandma's and it is a solid wood table that is square and has leaves to pull out too. Perfect size for my kitchen/dining room/craft room/computer room/.... ya get the idea - the house is pretty small!

Have a good weekend.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Day 2

2nd present - I guessed it to be a small photo album

But it wasn't! It is so cool. I think it is all handmade. It opens up to...

This is what it says on one end. Then there a lots of pretty stamped envelopes and these are all attached!

Inside the envelopes are different bath salts and herbs to put in the bath.

They smell so pretty. Can I go have a bath now?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

7 days of fun

I got a swap today that is 7 surprises for 7 days. They are 7 little gifts marked for a day at a time. Aren't they packaged pretty? Love the old papers and handmade tags.

So for the first day was this...

Yes, it might look full but it is not. I had to sample.

So now I have to wait! Killer. I am going to post each item on here too, so you can see each day too.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What a cat!

Look at this cat...

Crazy! yes that is our ROOF. This is a stray cat that we feed, but he is too skittish to stay inside. Sarah saw him on a lower roof and then he just walked up the SLOPE like it was nothin. He then laid down and gave me the look and then made himself at home.

We had heard things on the roof before, but we thought it was racoons or squirrels - not the CAT.

How does he get down and up? Not a clue - we have no places he can jump up on. I guess he climbed the tree!lol

Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday monday...

This weekend we went down to my moms and her and I went shopping. She is redoing her house so we went to Home Depot and looked. We picked out colors for the floor and flooring, doors and lighting. And of course paint colors. So I HAD to get the paint chips everyone is talking about. These are huge! Love them. Great base for some art.

Last week I also got my order of moo cards. Love these! I did 50 of my own photos and got 2 of each. Great quality and fast service. Aren't they cute?

I got some funky shoes too, but I think I am gonna alter them and then I will show you!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My sweet and sinister goodies

Here is the pack I made up. One thing had to be sweet, one sinister, one handmade and one home decor item. For Sweet, I did like sweet dude! and made up a vintage cigar box full of goodies. Tags, paper, buttons, cards, stickers and a neat pearl A I had found.

For sinister, I sent some creepy vintage papers and some bat window clings. I also made up a pack of black and white other papers and wrapped both packages in white and black.

For the handmade item, I made some paper bag luminaries for halloween night. These were from the Martha Stewart halloween book. I drew on each one and then cut out the words "I'd turn back if eye were U" These are filled with candles or lights and used in the front. I then put them all together in a bag.

I had painted a little sun mirror black for the home decor item and also included some glitter!

This is everything in the box. I included a plastic pumpkin and a coloring page for her daughter too.

and I decided to trick out the box! I covered it all in cobwebs and spider and put some stuff on the lid. And of course the card.

I had fun doing this and thanks to Kari for hosting!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sweet & Sinister Swap

This is what I received from Amy in Kari's Artsy Mama's sweet and sinister swap! A whole box full of goodies.

I love old paper and there was a large assortment of black and white papers, a journal, tags, buttons and lace too.

Then some halloween goodies. A set of 3 boxes with the end one full of chocolate! A set of stickers, halloween ornaments, a jar and a paper she made for me.

There was also a neat black and white handmade apron.

This is a garland kit from Martha Stewart. The letters glow in the dark too!

I LOVE these black and white set of chipboard letters! The black is raised velvet! How am I ever gonna use these? I just want to look at them and pet them - I know - that's weird! I love velvet and paper though!

Tomorrow, I will show you what I sent her.

Friday, October 12, 2007

New book!

The Altered object by Terry Taylor.

Really cool and some neat hints. Also pages of projects by different artists using found objects. He gives the same object to 5 different artists and they do their unique take on it. Love this stuff.

Makes you look at things in a brand new way!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Another great swap

This was a swap I started and it was for 10 items that had circles, polka dots or spirals on them. It could be notepaper, bookmarks, buttons, stickers, paper, whatever. Well, look what I got! I was blown away. This came from Isreal and she packaged everything up so nice.

There was so many nice things, that green crocheted piece was from her great great grandmas tablecloth! Some socks, chocolate, ribbon, beads, bookmark, coins and more!

This bulgarian handmade necklace. So cool!

A handmade tag,

and some real glass bracelets in neat glitter paper!

I love getting all these surprises in the mail! I have more to show too.

Another day...

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


This was our thanksgiving weekend in Canada and we went to Kay and Bud's for the weekend. Great time and lots of eating and relaxing! I made a pumpkin for the table.

I put a paper doily around the top and then stenciled on it.

Some views of the lake and around. The leaves are still changing and I love it!

We went for a boat ride on Sunday before dinner and the always beautiful Sarah......

HAh!What a girl.

Ok, so she doesn't shoot me... here is a good pic.

Talk later!