Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve...

Last minute things goin on...and as with it seems MOST of north america (!!) it is snowing AGAIN.

Have a good holiday and make memories!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wall Art

I had a great weekend home alone this weekend and I finally tackled my one wall in the living room.

It was a big blank space and Sean had given me 3 tin squares for LAST christmas(yeah - it's been a long project) but it still seemed to need something.

I found this awesome tree awhile ago and I thought that's it! So I got to it this weekend.

I also needed room for the Christmas tree, so some rearranging was in order too.

THese are some other pics of the same room.. it's getting there now!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Well, I am getting some things done today! Some more listings in Etsy and Ebay. House cleaning and decorating presents.

Almost done with that...

Very cold last night - like in the minus 20's. Brrrr.

I guess they are calling for the plus side of zero in the new week. That will be nice. I went to Sarah's v-ball games on Thursday and they kicked A@@! Won all their games. Now another 4 on Monday....

I thought this was a great pic of this fan that is on ebay right now. vintage and painted.

And a great valentines post card from 1931.

Have a good weekend!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A couple good books...

Well, here in the north woods of Canada, we are again getting pelted with snow - up to 6 more inches today and it's been coming all day. Buses still went, but not nice out.

A good day to read!

But not to take pics as you will see :) Sorry about that...

These are a couple books I have looked at recently and I recommend them to you!

The first is Artist's Interiours and the author went to each house and interviewed and took pics of all the houses. A really nice range from all over the world and all different artists.

THis is the BATHROOM in this house that is covered in tiles. He stopped counting at almost a million -eek! THe cups running down the wall and the spout on the bathtub are just too cool.

I guess this house can be taken a tour of and is in new Jersey. Sounds like a road trip!

THe next book is Flea market decorating - right up my alley cause I have lots of Junk .. er treasures that I could use and repurpose. Lots of cool ideas.

I love this upside down back of a dresser.. this is on my to-do (someday) lol for sure!

Keep warm!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday thoughts..

Sitting here with a full head cold - Yuck! So just gonna show some pics today...

These are my flowers for my birthday last week from my honey,

Then Sarah got me this! I love it and have wanted it forever and I didn't even tell her. She said she saw it and thought of me.

How cool is that? Even though we like different things, I'm glad she pays attention!

This is my lamp in my artroom! It is so much better to have light at night there - I just sit and read and its away from the rest of the house and the TV.

These are some of my charm swaps. I just put them all on a big chain and looped it over the lamp

A daily thought on my board...

I have wanted CREATE for a while and while Christmas shopping, I couldn't pass these up!

When we were away last weekend, I came home and honey had put together my island from IKEA. It has wheels and a butcher block top. fits in well.

Don't mind the background cupboards with no doors YET. ahem. Just ignore that. Look at the nice new floor...

Off to get more kleenex!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Old photos

Aren't these great? This is just 2 pages out of a 1932 dept store catalog. There are pages of this! Toys and clothes and housewares. And the prices are nuts!

And this is an old tintype... doesn't she look like a nurse?

THese are up on my ebay site tonight....

We are snowed/ freeze rained ( is that a verb?) in the house today. No work, no school. Thankfully we still have power and a computer!
Have a good day.