Thursday, June 26, 2008

Going grunge charms

And in no particular order, here they are!

RAcuel A Fraga

Melissa Merrill and hostess

Carlee Ragsdale

Betty Hooper

My Bud, Michelle Geller

Kecia Deveney

Zhulia Abrok

Suzanne Redmond

Not sure??

Janet Nozybeetle

Sharon DuBois

Ilene Harris

Maya Maccauley

Aren't they great? So imaginative.

This was the tag that Melissa made for my wrapped up package. So Cool!

Next up is an A-Z swap. I am letter C. Of course....

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Going grunge swap

I got my going grunge charms the other day and they are fabulous! I love them all and the silver chain I got on Sat. is going to go great with them. I don't have a charm bracelet so I am using them all as necklaces.

WEar your ART!

This is my charm and the process of it.

I will post the others in the next couple of days.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Crazy for You

Last week was Sarah's theatre debut!

THey did Crazy for you and she played the supporting role of Irene who is a real BITCH! Sarah played it quite well too...hmmmm. lol!

She really had fun and now she wants to do it the next 2 years too. Since she has been little -like 5,6 she has said she wanted to be an actress. As she got older, she doesn't think that is practical, but hey, go for it!! This gives her a taste of it anyway. And even though she isnt a crafty, artsy, creative girl at all - she would much rather be on the sports field - this is a creative outlet for her. Love that! She was in charge of all costumes and make up too.

She also had to SING for the first time a song by herself! She was freakin but she did really well and it sounded great. Her teacher said she is a natural singer and she should continue. Sarah hadn't ever sang before this and her teacher couldn't believe it.

Here are some pics....

Playin the part...

Isn't this dress great? A huge crinoline - this was her song scene.

THe whole cast.

She looks likes she's havin fun!

Now her exams are all done, she's back working and down at her Dad's for the summer :(

Now I have to get busy and clean out this whole room and rip apart a kitchen and redo it in 2 months. YIKES!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Circle Journal

Remember this?

I got it back! It is so cool!

There were 6 of us in total that sent journals around and we each did a page and then they went home. This worked out really well and smoothly and I am so pleased with it.

I used an old life insurance policy book and whatdayaknow? It had 6 envelopes- just the right amount! Each person had an envelope and embellished it and then put a letter or something inside to what destination means to them and where they are heading in their life.

There were sign in pages and then the first envelope was mine and each one on the left is the back of the person and so on...

This was Anitas,

Then Michelles,

Look at this! It is STITCHED. So cool.



And finally Andreas.

and the back of Andreas.

Thanks everyone - I love it!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Artist's Sketchbook

I recently got a bunch of artists books from the library and some of them were ok and some were great -like Claudia Nice. got another one today!

This one was really interesting too though, I love travel so that may have something to do with it- but all of his sketches and commentary was really cool.

He has travelled all over the world and sketched as he went.

If we all could do that!

Well worth the read.

Friday, June 6, 2008

What's been goin on...

I woke up ths morning and thought Friday? have I even posted this week? Nope. Where does the time go? And I work from home!

So to catch up a bit...

Last Saturday we went to an arts festival in Burnstown, a little 4 corners of a village that hosts other artists for the weekend once a year. Very neat galleries and stores in old antique houses and log buildings.

I had my first fresh cut french fries of the year -yumm.

All very inspiring and fun to see.

On the way there, I got to drive standard! I have never done this and it was quite an experience! I think I have most of it down now except I need more practice on starting on a hill. I drove all the way home - starting and stopping on the side of the road to practice!

Being in Burnstown and sitting outside was so wonderful since here we have been SWARMED with mosquitos this past week and a half. I hate it! I have to keep letting the dog out and they keep coming in. It hasn't been too hot and the perfect temp for them. It's supposed to be killer hot this weekend, so hopefully they all DIE!!! DIe I tell ya! Maggie is covered in bites and they are so annoying. This is my new best friend...

Yes, that's a mosquito coil for OUTSIDE that I have to keep going beside my desk just to keep sane.

Other things...

I started drawing again and I posted my sketches on my other blog

I've been working on an art slam which is for 20 original art pages. I want to send them out on Tuesday.

These are in progress.

Bathing puppies....

Admiring my friends crabapple tree...

Listing some old books on ebay...

And of course, trying to get through my pile of library books - got 10 more last Tuesday. I know, I know, crazy. I just LOVE books! THis is not showing all the magazines and books I OWN that I have to read. Yikes.

Well, I better get busy. Sarah and I are picking up Seans Mom Kay this aft and going down to my Moms for the weekend. A weekend of shopping, eating and drinking - Bring it on!!!

Have a good one.