Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More ebay items

Here are some items I listed on ebay. The set of 3 needlework mags are actually closing tonight!

These pictures are of a series of pictures that I had. There are over 300 separate images!! They were all cut out and were probably going to go in a scrapbook, but never got there. They appear to be all from the 20's - 40's. These are just 2 pictures of 10! Many neat things all sizes and subjects. A really neat thing to have for collages and altered art. I of course
kept some too!

I also listed a bottle and a disney block puzzle. To bid on anything just link through my ebay on the left hand side.


Friday, February 23, 2007

Cabinet of curiousites - Happiness

This is the pages for Happiness. The last page was on collections and I did books and at the bottom of that page I put All I need is books and I am happy" . So I turned the page and wrote at the top " What else makes me happy? " and I put a bunch of images of more things that do. This is just a sample, I might make another page! I couldnt fit everything in. Always a good sign I guess eh?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Some things I have been doing

Last week I did a couple projects I want to share here. As I said, my Mom was in the hospital and I knew she would be there for a few days so I made her a package! It was a bunch of items that I wrapped up and made a tag so she would open a couple each day. I had chocolate and a book, lotion, mints, candles and lip chap.

And also a little beanie baby dog!! Isnt he cute?

She liked all the presents and it was a success!

I also made her a card out of cards I had and I altered them! It turned out pretty neat. These pics show different stages of it.
First, I used an old christmas card that I liked the verse of and cut out the verse. It was on nice vellum so that was a bonus.

Then I put some scrapbook paper ( lime and pink to match present) to cover up the verse in the one card.

Then I glued on the other verse and signed it.

This is the front.

And the back.

A few weeks ago, my boyfriends father's hunting dog of 16 (!!) died and everyone was sad. His name was Buster and he was a good dog. So Sean suggested I paint a pic of him and give it to his Dad. I got a picture and started drawing him and then I thought it was kind of bare and boring, so I got lots of pics of fishing and hunting and put them around it as a collage. That was a lot better!

He really liked it and now it is on his wall. A nice remembrance. But life goes on.....

Here is the new puppy - Morgan. I havent seen him yet but he looks so adorable!!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Cabinet of Curiousities Collections

This week was on collections. I used to have quite a few collections, stamps, coins, old keys, humpty dumpty stuff, when I was younger and I seem to have gotten away from them, so I was kind of stumped at first!! But then I looked around me and I now collect BOOKS. On my bookshelf, yes, but on the floor, beside the bed, on the coffee table etc....!! So I used books as my collection.

Here are a couple close ups of the pages.

Happy belated valentines to everyone. I was in the hospital with my Mom( she is fine) and we were driving in the storm of the year of course!! So between driving in that and sitting in the hospital - that was my valentines! I'm not really into the whole commercial thing anyways so it was ok.

On the weekend I did get presents tho - my boyfriend got me these!

This is a set of punches and scissors. They are so cool!

And this is 1000 piece scrapbook set with papers and stickers, embellishments etc. All cool!

I've already used some and good inspiration for more projects!
I am off tomorrow to the hospital again and will be back on Monday.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

More doilies!

Here are some more pics of the doilies I am listing tonight on ebay. They are so intricate and dainty!

I am starting these at only $2.00US.

Just follow the link on the side.
Thanks for looking!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Ebay items

I listed some items to go on ebay today. I hope to put some more on tomorrow.Some more doilies I think. They are so pretty.

The thing on my finger is a little mirror that has a hook on the back to look at your lipstick I am assuming. It is really cute!

C'mon over and check it out! My link is at the left there.



Thursday, February 8, 2007

Cabinet of curiousities Day 5 Inspiration

So this is Thursday, I left early yesterday and didnt have time to post this so I am doing it today!

When I first heard the word inspiration, I was a little stumped - nothing just popped into my head, but I am learning to let things "simmer". I think of things and sleep on it and look through my clippings and then I think of things. I have to tell you this process is really changing the way I thought of how I did art. I used to wait for something to jump out at me and MAKE me do it - like a painting for a present for someone or a deadline and I thought I had to "be in the mood" and hence never got anything done!

This challenge is like a deadline, but I realize I could put a deadline on myself instead of waiting for one. I could say to myself that I WILL create everyday and get things done I've wanted to do and not rely on outside forces to get me to do something! Thats awesome and a breakthrough for me. I feel great when I get something done, so its not like I dont get a payoff. I guess I have to look deeper and find out why I put off doing it and finding excuses when I enjoy the process! Make sense?

Anyway, about the page. I thought of the many things that make me WANT to create and made a list. I looked for pics and then I thought of when I see so many things it feels like my head is exploding! So I put the top of the head at the bottom of the page and made it look like all these things were coming out of her head.

Then I put ribbons to separate them and frayed the edges of the ribbon to look like it was exploding.
These are close ups of each category.

I like this last close up and quote.

Here's to not being scared!!


Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Happy Tuesday

So another Tuesday and another trip to the library. We get our order of books once a week and I got 24!! I know!! and then I came home and ordered 20 more!! Is this an obsession or what? I got books on sewing and scrapbooking and collages! Really neat. I will post pics if I find anything interesting!

It seems like most of N. America is in a deep freeze or below normal temperatures! Friggin freezin. -37C which is like -32F. Nuts! And another week of it looks like. I cant wait for spring! I think I am not alone in wishing that Feb was over!

So tomorrow I am off to see Sarah play volleyball! They are playing at another school about an hour from here and I am going to stay at a friends house who is the mother of one of Sarahs best friends. Always fun and a nice change.

I am almost done my inspiration collage for cabinet of curiousities and I will maybe post tomorrow, depending when we leave.

Have a good day!


Sunday, February 4, 2007

Weird things

There's a meme going around about 6 weird things.. I thought I would post some of mine. This was fun... asking everyone do you think this is weird? and what's weird about me? So here goes:

1. I ask a lot of questions. I have mentioned that before and I guess it annoys some people, but I just have to KNOW!

2. I dont like coffee... or tea or anything mocha flavoured. I like the SMELL of some coffees but the only thing I like that is hot is hot chocolate and only if I'm cold.

3.I talk fast. Like on the phone people are WHAAAAT? Say that again and Sloooooowwwer.

4.I keep track of my money. That may not seem weird but I mean I have to know within a couple bucks where it went. I usually do not write it down and then I'm rackin my brain wondering where it went!

5. I have to have my bedsheets untucked. The first thing at a hotel is to untuck all the covers. I cant STAND to have my feet constricted and in the summer half the time they are stickin out. At home, I use a duvet cover so there are no sheets to tuck in!

6. I have to have my sandwiches upside right. Meaning - the meat has to be on the bottom of the bun or sub bun or whatever, then the cheese and toppings. Meat on the bottom!! I know.....

For the pic above...Remember these little guys? They were in packs of Red Rose tea back in the 70's. I 've got some up on ebay right now. I remember getting them out of the tea! This one is the house that Jack built and is part of a set of nursery rhymes.

Talk later,