Friday, February 16, 2007

Cabinet of Curiousities Collections

This week was on collections. I used to have quite a few collections, stamps, coins, old keys, humpty dumpty stuff, when I was younger and I seem to have gotten away from them, so I was kind of stumped at first!! But then I looked around me and I now collect BOOKS. On my bookshelf, yes, but on the floor, beside the bed, on the coffee table etc....!! So I used books as my collection.

Here are a couple close ups of the pages.

Happy belated valentines to everyone. I was in the hospital with my Mom( she is fine) and we were driving in the storm of the year of course!! So between driving in that and sitting in the hospital - that was my valentines! I'm not really into the whole commercial thing anyways so it was ok.

On the weekend I did get presents tho - my boyfriend got me these!

This is a set of punches and scissors. They are so cool!

And this is 1000 piece scrapbook set with papers and stickers, embellishments etc. All cool!

I've already used some and good inspiration for more projects!
I am off tomorrow to the hospital again and will be back on Monday.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!



ArtsyMama said...

Oh yea, hadn't even thought of that. I collect books too, without even realizing it!!! Love your layout:)

Anonymous said...

Very good collection!! I didn't really realize I've been slyly collecting books too. Looks like some good gifties from the mr!