Thursday, February 8, 2007

Cabinet of curiousities Day 5 Inspiration

So this is Thursday, I left early yesterday and didnt have time to post this so I am doing it today!

When I first heard the word inspiration, I was a little stumped - nothing just popped into my head, but I am learning to let things "simmer". I think of things and sleep on it and look through my clippings and then I think of things. I have to tell you this process is really changing the way I thought of how I did art. I used to wait for something to jump out at me and MAKE me do it - like a painting for a present for someone or a deadline and I thought I had to "be in the mood" and hence never got anything done!

This challenge is like a deadline, but I realize I could put a deadline on myself instead of waiting for one. I could say to myself that I WILL create everyday and get things done I've wanted to do and not rely on outside forces to get me to do something! Thats awesome and a breakthrough for me. I feel great when I get something done, so its not like I dont get a payoff. I guess I have to look deeper and find out why I put off doing it and finding excuses when I enjoy the process! Make sense?

Anyway, about the page. I thought of the many things that make me WANT to create and made a list. I looked for pics and then I thought of when I see so many things it feels like my head is exploding! So I put the top of the head at the bottom of the page and made it look like all these things were coming out of her head.

Then I put ribbons to separate them and frayed the edges of the ribbon to look like it was exploding.
These are close ups of each category.

I like this last close up and quote.

Here's to not being scared!!



Bonnie said...

This is great!! It really does look like a myriad of ideas coming out her head and so many interesting things to look at here! Thanks for sharing and glad that you are enjoying the process, that is all that counts!

ArtsyMama said...

Great work! Love the collage:)

Anonymous said...

Oooooh! I really like this! And thanks for the mini tutorial :) Love the quote you used too!

She Who Flies said...

Great collage! Vibrant and full of inspiration sources!

Kathy said...

This is a wonderful page, and thank you for the explanation. I too have enjoyed the 'take action' part of this challenge. The quote is great.