Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Some things I have been doing

Last week I did a couple projects I want to share here. As I said, my Mom was in the hospital and I knew she would be there for a few days so I made her a package! It was a bunch of items that I wrapped up and made a tag so she would open a couple each day. I had chocolate and a book, lotion, mints, candles and lip chap.

And also a little beanie baby dog!! Isnt he cute?

She liked all the presents and it was a success!

I also made her a card out of cards I had and I altered them! It turned out pretty neat. These pics show different stages of it.
First, I used an old christmas card that I liked the verse of and cut out the verse. It was on nice vellum so that was a bonus.

Then I put some scrapbook paper ( lime and pink to match present) to cover up the verse in the one card.

Then I glued on the other verse and signed it.

This is the front.

And the back.

A few weeks ago, my boyfriends father's hunting dog of 16 (!!) died and everyone was sad. His name was Buster and he was a good dog. So Sean suggested I paint a pic of him and give it to his Dad. I got a picture and started drawing him and then I thought it was kind of bare and boring, so I got lots of pics of fishing and hunting and put them around it as a collage. That was a lot better!

He really liked it and now it is on his wall. A nice remembrance. But life goes on.....

Here is the new puppy - Morgan. I havent seen him yet but he looks so adorable!!

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mohairpink said...

Lovely painting and collage. This new dog - A Bassett? Bloodhound? is soooo adorable. You have me intrigued with your cabinet of curiosities. I'm going back in your posts to find out what it is, exactly!