Monday, September 28, 2009

Link Love - Squam style

Last post on Squam!

I wanted to put some links to some great new places and people I have met and also old friends.

This is my artwork from Judys class. Encaustic and layers...

LOve the wax! Notice it in the lace?

Transfers in wax - easy! Love it too!

This was one of the changed photos in EB's Class.

I showed Sarah's class last post.

I met up again with Jacqueline, listened to wonderful Jonatha again and got to know Gretchen better. Mary was a joy (get a blog Mary!!) and her husbands banana bread was delicious! Chocolate and bananas? yeehaw!  Listening to Jenny Doh was a highlight.

And tons of new friends! Stoked that I got to meet up with fellow ON Stephanie at the vender show,  Gretchens friend Carol, and her other peeps we visited one night - Mary Beth Shaw, Peg, Kelly, Sue and Mary. Michelle stopped in too and Kristie was tons of fun and a fellow Can.! 

Classmates Brittany, Jenna, Kim, Stacy, Angel, Stefanie, Gail and cabin mates Lyle and Toni.

Now I have TONS of blog catching up to do. Can't wait to get to know more of all you!

Also a shout out to a couple that don't have blogs BOO. Catrina! You made me laugh so much and keep playin girl! And Elizabeth from Toronto. Glad to meet you and I hope to see you again - wishing you all the best.

Whew! That's a lotta links. 

Check out all these great artists. 


We are artists.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Text and Images

Sarah Ahearn's class on the 2nd day. 

Got this group shot from her blog...

And a blurry one of us all on the floor. Loved the circle of sharing.

These are my 3 pieces I did in the class.

Some shots of her stencils and palette 

Aren't these colors cool?!

Thanks Sarah, I had a blast using paints, fabric, gel medium and most of all transfers. Lots of ideas for new stuff.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Images of Squam

Back from a wonderful 5 days in the woods and lakes of NH. Rolling hills, calling loons, waves on shore and mists in the morning...

THEN 3 days of inspiring classes and delicious food - ahhh.

Some images..

The wonderful light on the flowers everyone got for their room.

And the morning view out of my bed - could get used to that!

More to come - just processing.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Getting ready for Squam

Oooooo.... getting close now. Less than a week I get to go here.

These are some of my vintage paper.

Collage packs,
Book pages,
Wallpaper packs,
Sheet music and ledger pages.

Last minute pricing and figuring out displays. 

A shot at part of the table showing cigar boxes, fruit jars, muffin tins, berry boxes, tins and more! 

And I was worried I didn't have enough????

No problem.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Before and After - whole house!

I am posting this for Thrifty Decor Chick's before and after party. Welcome!

We have been working on our little cabin in the north woods of Canada for a couple years now...

This was before where there was a little bunkie and attached shed. We decided to drop 2 trees and make an addition between the two buildings that included a whole new room! It pretty much doubled the size of the house - but that isn't saying much since the original was 600 sq feet. 

Yup 600 - not a typo. 

This was during the process. We did all the work ourselves and had a cathedral ceiling and the bunkie became the master bedroom. This new room is the living room and the existing living room became my play room- yay!

This was taken this spring - we have since finished siding the right wall and now we just need some soffits and fascia. The whole front of the house got sided for free. Leftover siding from another job- score!
This is the inside of the addition. The ceiling was done in pine v joint that was milled on site near here. I like the green of the walls because in the summer it blends in with the outside and in the winter - it reminds me of summer!
The wood for the floor was from the guy. We laid it all ourselves. Ash hardwood and as a border - a tropical wood from Africa.

The windows were framed in the same wood for trim and inside was pine.

This is one wall done! 

I also did a before and after inspiration wall in my art room with recycled vintage dictionary pages and that link is here.

Thanks for visiting and make sure to visit me again!

Check out the party for lots more before and afters.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Wedding invite.

NO, not mine! I had to share this - it is so cool!

This is from Jessica Claire - a great wedding photographer that is getting married herself in Oct. On her blog she details how she did her save the date's all each with a different vintage key - really! 

Then the invites. All vintage books! Hollowed out and the invite added and a library pocket full of letterpressed maps and info. Sealed with wax! Then wrapped in brown paper and sent out.

Oh yeah, and see the vintage buttons on top? All different too. Love this.


Go see the whole story here

I can't wait to see what she does with the rest of her wedding! Check out the rest of her blog too for fabulous wedding shots and how she is decorating her office.

Lots of exclamation points today. yes.

And is it already Sept 5?? Where did that go? whew.