Friday, June 15, 2007


(me standing up)- Hi, My name is Cheryl and I am addicted to Books.

(Everyone) -Hello, Cheryl

-It all started when I was little - trips to the library in school and a whole new world in each book. I grew up around books all my life with my mom always with a novel in her lap to watch during TV commmercials and my Dad always with a magazine or a non fiction book. No wonder I'm addicted!! And I love it. I love the bookstore - spend hours in there! A lot of people dont understand my obsession and its not just books. It's magazines too. I try to limit my magazine buying cause they're so expensive and it adds up. I also love paper and scrapbook things and oriental papers and vintage books and papers and..... ya get the idea!

I am in love with my library right now. I can order any book I want and it is delivered to my local library - here in the middle of nowhere! I also can suggest new books to buy which I did last week and already they have bought 6 of them and I am on the hold lists!! Some of these books are over 50 bucks to buy so I'm lovin it.

Which brings me to my post of today. On Wed I went to town and of course had to hit all the stores and thrift shops. I got some neat stuff but also..... right! books. I then went to the auction sale at 530 and bought some more. So just for fun, I counted them all yesterday and I bought 82 books!

Yes, 82.

Am I insane you ask?

Just a little-HA! No, I bought most of them to resell and some others to cut up for art and yes, some to read.


I organized my bookshelves a while ago and put all the book I need to read in one section and there is way too many there. I dont even WANT to count, cause it will depress me. I get books from the library and I read those cause there is a deadline on those. I am STILL reading a novel from last fall. EEK! And its over 900 pages- that would be one reason.

Here is the boxes of books to sell. Some really neat kids books from the 30's - 50's. All in good shape too. Goin to ebay!

I also got this bunch of paper yesterday and was in paper heaven! Handmade, embossed, thick cardstock, glittered, inked, and flocked with velvet!! Can you say gorgeous?

Like, look at that. It looks better in real life- nice red velvet. How am I gonna USE that? I just wanna frame it and look at it!

I'm deciding now if I want to share..... I'll let you know.

2 comments: said...

I'm the same way, can't resist a stack of books! Although, I have spent way too much time reading blogs and haven't been going through my books at the rate I used to.

Renee said...

I am a total booknut too I just love them. I love your pretty papers esspecially the flocked paper, I am so addicted to that lately!