Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday Musings

Well, I got home last night about 430 WITHOUT Sarah :( It seems weird this year for some reason. She has stayed at her Dads for the summers for the last 10 years and this year seems different. Maybe cause I am at home a lot too now and used to seeing her at 3pm. Also I think because she has a job, so I know I just can't pick up and grab her and go somewhere. Her job seems to be going great! She likes it and she is getting full time hours which I know she will like for the wallet!

This weekend went good. I was at Moms and got a bunch of stuff organized for her auction.We also snuck out and went to the flea market on Sat! That was fun. BUT most of the day we worked! Then we treated ourselves to dinner.

Sunday I left early and spent the day by myself going to thrift stores and flea markets! Poor me....

I had a full car AGAIN. I think I have made a pact with myself that I have to make something with these things to sell. I love the hunt tho! The living room AKA craft room is getting full of stuff again- its a good thing that we have the addition for the TV and couch.

Sean took Sarah's boyfriend Tyler with him to a fishing tournament. This weekend was the opening day of bass. They had a great time and Tyler won the whole thing!! Over 35 people entered and he had the most weight. I guess he was really excited- he had to call Sarah! We couldnt go cause Sarah had to work. I guess they took a pic with his fish, so I will post if OK. The picture up top is a shot I took out on the lake with Sean last month.

Today I put some more stuff on ETSY. Lovin that place! Such a neat way to sell your things and cheap! One thing was this awesome paper. It has glitter on it and is 12x12.

Isn't it cool?

THen on ebay I listed an old pattern book I found. It's from 1908 and really neat with all the old fashions. All patterns were only 10c.

It has over 60 pages of old illustrations.

I'm in a swap in Aug for 30 pictures for a scavenger hunt. We get words and have to take pics with what we think of the word. I went on walk on friday aft at Moms back to the lake and took lots of shots. Here are some..

This one was on moms deck.

OH! I almost forgot. MY mailart got to England! YAY and it is in one piece. It is now posted on So cool.


Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club said...

Hey I just got back from your neck of the woods! Dang Canada is pretty. said...

Your photography work is exceptional when you are focused. That leaf looks surreal! Would make a great wallpaper. You should offer it in various desktop sizes (like 1024x768) to all us readers. Im sure people would love it!