Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Envelope Book

Another swap project. At least it keeps me creating! The challenge was to make a book out of at least 3 envelopes and make it functional - using the envelopes as pockets. At first I was thrown for a loop, and then just started playing. I used 2 different sizes and kept going.

I then punched holes and strung a ribbon through.

Then I kept adding paper. She likes moon, sun and stars and silver, so I used that as inspiration.

This is the middle of the book when it opens up.

These are the inside flaps

And these are the inside of the little envelopes. I found vintage paper with the moon and sun writings on it.

I put some little presents in each pocket and tied it all with a silver cord and it is ready to go! I am pretty happy with this, cause a lot of time, I use something to go by - another picture or a pattern or something I saw somewhere and this I did from scratch! And it works! Pretty cool.

I'll leave you with some more mail art. I just signed up for another one for 10 more! So I should be getting some neat things in my mailbox. Love that!

1 comment: said...

I just saw something similar to this in my bookstore for $25. It was called (i think) "A Fairies Diary". Pretty cool actually!