Monday, June 4, 2007

Etsy Update

My goal today was to put 2 more things on my Etsy shop and I did 3! I hope to make some things to put up for sale and I have lots of ideas churning around!

The first thing is a vintage sewing basket full of goodies! It has a bunch of old sewing supplies and notions. A neat gift or to use!

The next is a pile of pink and purple buttons to use for sewing or crafting.

And then an assortment of old bingo chips with metal around them. Pretty neat!

We had a good weekend and then RAIN all day today. I got some stuff done and hopefully some more tomorrow. And Good News! Sarah found out today she got a job for the summer in the produce section of the local grocery store at her Dad's! She was psyched! and me too. I think she will like that.

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