Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Niagara Falls!

Well, the update! I will try to be brief and give a good overview of the trip.

We left on Sat morning and stopped at African Lion Safari on the way up. Its a park that has a lot of animals and shows and you take your car - yes YOUR car through these wild animals roaming around. Caution signs all around and 2 gates to go through and you have to keep your windows up.

Did I mention that we had no air conditioning? And that it was a gazillion degrees in the car? Yes, some windows were down...

These monkeys are all over the vehicles and wonder why? Despite all the NO FEEDING signs - people were handing food out left and right and then wondering how their car got damage? DUH!

This one was really cute with the baby holding on. Can you see it?

Also, some giraffes and elk. Lots of other animals too.

There were all kinds of birds everywhere and we watched a birds of prey show with eagles and hawks.

This parrot was a riot! Sean was "talking" to it and it was talking back and dancing. So funny!

We also got to see a bunch of elephants walk up the road to the pond to bathe and there were two baby elephants. They were so cute!

Then we went to Niagara Falls and into the room by 5. This was the view from the room.

Awesome eh? It's the new skywheel and it goes most
of the day.

The kids checked out the pool and whirlpool!

We went for a walk to the falls, had dinner and went to Ripleys museum which is so cool. Then the next day to Marineland!
Full of some rides that were great and some whales!

There are also animals there too. This is Sarah and her boyfriend touching the antlers which were all covered in soft velvet right now.

Then they went go karting and I watched! and took some pics. We went to a Canada Day celebration- Happy Canada Day!!
and then supper and fireworks at the falls for Canada Day.
We then went up on the skywheel which was great and saw the full moon rising and the fall lit up. We got to go around 4 times. Cool.

Next was mini golf at 11:00! It's like time stops cause everthing is open so late and kids are everywhere! Mini golf was good and I am the reigning champion!! 2 count them 2 hole in ones and no one else got any! It was a close game tho with only 6 strokes difference from first to last.

The next day we drove home and Sarah went back to her Dads:( . I think they had fun tho and lots of great pics of them!! I have to send them to her now and we did a sketch of the 2 of them that I want to frame too.

We got back here last night and did nothing!! I HAD to catch up on blogs.... What? I HAD to!

I was goin into computer withdrawels. Maybe just reading - not much time for that!

Great weather, good times and lots of laughs. What else could you ask for?

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