Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Digital Photo Scavenger Hunt

Here is my pictures for the scavenger hunt, We were given a list of 15 words and had to come up with a picture that described the word to us. I will put each word under the photo and a brief description of it.

HOBBY - This is ice fishin for all you non canadians! It's a sport that only lasts a couple months and depending on conditions - so you go while you can. This is a favourite hobby of Seans.

ARCHITECTURE - This in the inside of a building in downtown Toronto. We were there on Sarahs school trip last year.

NOSTALGIA - This a photograph of my great- great grandparents! This was taken at a distant cousins of mine. Pretty cool.

LOVER- Well, ya know I gotta say CHOCOLATE! I just love it and these are a recipe from Kay. -Delicious!

HAPPINESS- This is Sarah before we went up parasailing in Mexico. Her being happy makes me happy.

MUSIC - Some old sheet music I love to use in artwork.

PATTERN - Some of the paper I have - this is even embossed!

ANATOMY - These are Sarah and Tylers 2 thumbs up in our weekend in the Falls.

SPEED - This is also from the falls when we were up in the ferris wheel and the moon was coming up - the ferris wheel was moving .

TECHNOLOGY- This is old technology - this is the inside workings of a pocket watch I have. So intricate!

MOVIES - Never hard to find at our house.

ACHIEVEMENT - This is Sarah graduating Grade 8 and she was also Valedictorian!

EYE - I have had this on here before - Sarah's eye.

CLOSE UP - THis is a close up of my good friend Carols lilies after a rain.

CHILDREN - Or child - Sarah again! When she was 2. It's a good thing she's around - she gives me inspiration for a lot of photos!

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