Friday, July 20, 2007

Speaking of Karma....

And goodness in the world! I love that almost every day I get packages from around the world. Someone has taken the time to put something together that I might like and package it so nicely. There is no need to do all this "extra" stuff because the only requirement on swap bot is to follow the directions and that's it. I see SO many people taking the time to send a note and add all these little things that they think I might like and package it up so pretty. It blows me away.

I like this too, cause I also enjoy sending the little extras and hearing back from the people that they enjoyed my package.

Here are some pics from recent swaps. This was for images and words I like and I love woodsy images so its good Elizabeth was from Alaska!

The next package was for 4 pieces of ribbon. That's it. Look at this package! She included a HANDMADE felted heart pin and look at the presentation on the ribbons? I love it!

The next is from Missy " Blissful Mama" We have so much in common so I was lucky to have her in this swap. I had to send her a package of ephemera and she had to use the papers to make me a collage. I said ONE. Well she sent me 4!!!

And then she apologized for being a little late - WHAT?!!

These are fabulous and it is so neat to see my favourite papers and images be put together by someone else and be so spot on.

Todays Friday so no more mail for 2 days :( lol! But I get to see Sarah and that makes up for it!! I am getting her Sat and then we are off to go shopping Sun and to see Harry Potter. It's a tradition now, since we have seen all of them so far. Then back here and to go to the lake on Monday to see friends. Hope its nice!!

Have a good weekend everybody and spread the good Karma!


Bron said...

Thanks for sharing your swaps. After reading about all the fun you are having, I've joined swap bot too. I love your blog - it's the first I check for updates.
Bron said...

Isnt' it great to get stuff in the mail? Adn such great stuff!
Enjoy the movie, I saw it last week and really liked it. But thought it kind of skimmed the story a bit.