Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Altered Puzzle

Isn't this cute?This is the before picture. Another swap! I have to alter a puzzle in some way. This is the original. I decided to paint it green since she likes green and then put a frog on that I scanned and enlarged.

So all painted and dry.

I had to put it back together and then attach my frog.

Then the hard part! I had to cut all the pieces out with a knife edge around all those pieces! Lotsa fun.

Then to put it together AGAIN to show you guys and make sure it worked!

And then tear it up again and send it on its way.

I'm happy with how it turned out and it was a blast to do.


-Suzie- said...

Hi From the Pines,
thank you for your very detailed comment at my blog. I am impressed about your recommendations. You must have studied my blog ;-) I am glad to have met you.
Nice recycling idea with that puzzle!
Until soon
Suzie said...

Oh, I could never never do that! so complicated, but it really looks cool!

(by the way, my houseguests showed up 6 hours early at 7 am and I was up till 4am cleaning the studio!!) said...

Where did you get such a great idea! Now I can put all my nieces to work this summer when they visit me at work. Thanks!