Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sneak Peek

HOw does almost a week go by? Yikes...

I guess cause I was trying to finish 58!!! artfest fatbook pages. Here are some sneak peeks. I will post more later. I got them all mailed out though yesterday - that's a relief!

I also went to some flea markets on Sat and found a great new one! Tons of stuff crammed in and good prices! I will show pics of some stuff tomorrow. Getting dark here now to take them.

And on Monday, I took Sarah for her drivers written test and she got it! Yay! Now she has a year to do her drivers test. She drove home part of the way and she did really well - Way to go Sarah! She is happy.

Ya know, I don't really mind if the time flies right now cause its almost Feb and that is the worst month for me - dark and cold and neverending. Good thing its short!

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