Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Skinny book pages

OK..Kids back to school.. except yesterday Fog day.

Not snow day.


In January??? The snow is slowly melting but I'm sure it will be back.

Time to get moving on some more projects. new month, new year, new things!!

I entered this project last minute over at altered abbey because she had some flakers. It was to make 26 skinny book pages- all original art, not copies! I wondered about doing this because they had to be sent by the end of Dec to make it on time. I ended up spending the weekend before new years cutting and pasting! The pages are 4x8 so I cut out all the cards and then glued on vintage sheet music on the back.

The fronts had vintage ledger paper.

ON the back I also punched out a maple leaf and put some hand made red paper under neath to show it off!

In keeping with the pines theme, I cut out pine trees out of different scrap paper after drawing them on freehand. All with the same stumps.

This is the front and back of them. I handsigned them all and punched a hole in the top corner and added a neat yarn. There is also a stamp on the bottom that is hard to read that says - happiness, bliss,joy, laugh.

All of these pages will go into making a book that I will get back with 25 original pages of other artists! Can't wait!

I've also done 52 valentine charms and 42 recipe cards and tag for other swaps. I will show these after I get mine back... no peeking!


vivian said...

hi cheryl, just a quick stop by. I'm checking out the blogs of all our swap partners for the easter swap. Well at least those that have emailed me back with their blog addresses!
I already know what I'm making for the easter swap and would love to get started on them, but I need to finish a few valentine swap pieces first!
be sure to stop by my blog too when you get a chance!

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