Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Case in Point - even the animals

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FrenchGardenHouse said...

brrrr...cold. I loved the poem, and this darling picture, too!

Thank you for entering my blog GIVE AWAY!

xo Lidy

Barbara said...

Hi there
Is that a squirrel? It looks a bit like our red squirrels but not quite?
I've just come over to say hello from Cherry's Pixie Wood. I'm sending you my copy of 25 Beautiful Homes with Cherry's house in it that you won in the draw. Hope you enjoy!

vivian said...

hi Cheryl, I'm in the easter swap with you. I'm just trying to check out the blogs of all our partners, though I dont have blog addresses for everyone!
I've been working on my pieces for the swap.. hopefully everyone will like them!
have a good week!

BloggingQueen said...

Hoo-boy, that's cold!

Coulda sworn I saw that squirrel in our backyard this morning. Can't say for sure... I can only tell you that the mound of snow was shaped like a squirrel. ;o)

Laume said...

What a cute squirrel! It looks young, or at least, different than the more pointy nosed grey squirrels we have here.

I love the poem - we've got so much cold and snow here this year I could substitute a few words and use it for our area as well.