Friday, January 11, 2008

New Years Swap

I know...A little late for new years but I wanted to show this swap I sent for new years. You had to send something they would like to do, a charm for new years and a treat to have on new years.

She said she was interested in making jewelry so I sent some beads and supplies. She also likes the color blue and turquoise, so I tried to tie that color into everything. The card inspired all those colors too!

Some papers and stickers - she likes bees

The charm,

And then I wrapped everything in paper and labeled it all. She said she enjoyed it all!

For the treat, I sent some great flavoured hot chocolate.

Today, another day off school - this time freezing rain. Sarah had a test and a project due on Tues, so now some extra time!

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cindy said...

Such cuteness! Clever girl! I love it and I bet she did too.