Monday, January 15, 2007

Some neat things...

These are some pics from the books I had _ yes they are already back at the library and 20 or more or coming!! I know... I think alot of these are DVDs tho which will be time consuming as well. The first book is Found Style by Amy and David Butler. A lot of neat pics of different rooms using flea market find and vintage items.

The other one was called Wild with a glue gun and gives many projects to make like beaded objects, wood chairs and these 2 which is a book lamp for the books you dont want!! and a reverse painted window for a house number. I have tons of these windows around, so it would be neat to try even a picture on it in reverse and hang it on my porch.

Thats it for now, my dial up is so slow it is driving me nuts!!


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Jen said...

Thanks for the peak inside Found Style. I've been curious about but haven't seen it in the store yet. I think I will check and see if my library has it too! Jen