Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Day 4 - Wonder

This next page was on Wonder. Not wonder why? But wonder as in awe and in how did they do that? I wrote down everything that causes me wonder and then tried to get pictures to show that. I have written my question "What instills in you a sense of wonder?" then I answered with " Nature, Architecture, Travel, Learning,Books,Creativity, Art, Flow and my daughter Sarah". I then put a pic of her there. I also had a pic of a neat flower and put under it " When was the last time you opened your eyes and thought you were dreaming?"

This was neat to do since I have wonder for a lot of things!

Now on to day 5. Kari said on her blog it will be now once a week which is good, since the days seem to fly by!

I need to update you on some of the other news.

The auction sale I wrote about was a success I would say. Stuff was pretty cheap, and me without a truck again! Do ya think this is a sign? I got a box of cigar boxes - not sure what I am going to do with them(any suggestions would be great!), a box of old mags, a box of old cards and 4 scrapbooks of old cards which are pretty neat. I got all the fabric on a table which was table cloths, sheets, lace, doilies etc. for 7 bucks! That was great. So not bad day. I stopped at a antique market on the way back and got a old wood pepsi box for Sean. He's a pepsi freak! And it looks good in the living room now.

We also got all the wood done in the living room. It looks great! It is 2 different woods going two different ways. One is ash and the other is an african wood - looks like redwood. Here is a pic of it.

AND: we havent talked about the rock concert!! It was awesome!! I neednt have worried about my age - there were kids and teenagers and the whole age groups! In fact, 3 rows ahead of us were an old couple - I'd say in their late sixties and Sarah was like what are they doin here - like they would like this? and they had to walk with canes and stuff but they were in the first row and I looked over during the concert and nudged Sarah cause the woman was rockin her head and singing the words and shaking her arms!! It was cool. Sarah was thinkin that was cool.

This is a pic of the band and it was great! If anyone has seen rockstar - then Dilana and Toby were there too!! So cool. They each sung for half and hour and then Dave Navarro and panic channel which was a little heavy for me and then Lukas! They sounded just like the CD and it was a fun time. Massey Hall in Toronto has awesome sound and I would like to go there again. 2700 seats so it isnt too big.

The hotel was just up the street and we walked! A block from the eaton Center too which is a HUGE mall and we went there the next day. Had lunch at the Hard Rock and then came home. Good times! It was great weather and that was a blessing cause two days later, there were over 500 accidents in the Toronto due to freezing rain! We drove in sun both days! Something else to be thankful for.

Well, I guess that is long enough for now!



Anonymous said...

That is very nice! You have such a distinct style!! It looks great :)

ArtsyMama said...

Love your layout. Looks great:)

Bonnie said...

I love that question you posed under the flower-I wonder about that! thanks for the food for thought and your pages are wonderful.

Kathy said...

I'm a little late in peeking at the 'wonder' pages and I found your list for it is very similar to mine for inspiration!
P.S. Thanks for visiting - you're welcome to drop in anytime!

Monica said...

Love the way you layout the images! Great pages!