Friday, January 26, 2007


O.K. I have to blame artsy-crafty babe for this - really. After reading her archives and posts about fabric and how much she gets!! Alot of fun. She will say she is not getting any more and then the next couple days- there's more! Ha! And really neat that she is USING it anyways. That makes up for it right?

So.... on my visit to the thrift store I HAD to look at fabrics. It didn't matter that I had a full cart full of books! Imagine.... but at only 2-3 dollars a piece!! C'mon.

Hence, the pile of fabric up there and some close ups. I have sewed before-its been awhile, but I DO have a sewing machine and I know how to use it! I have sewed my own clothes when I lived at home and my mom used to sew for me as well. I took home ec in high school and l liked it. I also made a wedding ring quilt for my parents 25th. I made the top and haven't finished it cause I wanted to hand quilt the top together. Embarrassing to say that was over 15 years ago! I know.... but that's about the last time I sewed except for repairs.

I'd like to start again. Not sure WHAT? I like a lot of bags that are out there and I think some of this fabric is fun for a beach bag or something. Does anyone else have any ideas?

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beki said...

Oops - my fabric addiction revealed! I never have luck finding thrifted fabric, so count yourself lucky! Those are some great finds you have there. I think those would make great totes. Can anyone really have too many totes? I feel like I always need more.