Thursday, January 11, 2007

A corner in my house

From reading some blogs, I see a theme about the corners of your home. I think this is a neat idea so I'm putting up a pic. This is a corner behind me that is of course - BOOKS! It is my bookshelf that is packed full of books and magazines that I have read and need to read. I never get to them because I always have to read the library books!

Another shot is of my desk!! Which is a mess, but I wanted to show the neat pigeonhole cupboard sitting on it. It was originally going to go in my mudroom, but then I thought of here and it works great! I have it full of my papers and other things. I picked it up for 5 bucks at an auction this summer. Love it!

This is a close up of the top of the cupboard. I have had the mouse forever - and I just got the wooden cat on the books. I was going to sell it, but I love it and I didnt even see the connection until I put the things up there! So cute.

I managed to get through a wack of books today and some great ideas! I will share in the days to come.


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