Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Page 2 Curiousity

Well here is the second page. I had quite the time with this, I didn't realize at first about the prompts and if I was SUPPOSED to use them or not, or if it was just a suggestion. After looking at some other pages, it seemed most people did it that way. I did it a little different (What's new!) but I turned it around into a version of it!!

I had the idea since this is a book about me - the curiousity page should be one of the first. To the left of the page you can see the back of the FIRST page which I am making into a book that opens up in 2 and not sure what to put behind there yet.....

Anyway, I wanted this to be a bunch of the first pages glued together with a pic showing through so that is my 3D. First I was going to make it a perfect rectangle like a frame but when I started ripping out the middle, I liked how it turned out cause it was all these different levels of paper and text. I knew I wanted question marks on here, but as I was ripping, I saw it was turning into its own question mark! So I made the form of it and when I was ripping the bottom parts off, I came across text that had the word "QUESTIONS" in it! How cool is that? So I kept that page and that is my TEXT.

I then put question marks out of MAGAZINES next. Instead of paint, I used MARKER and colored in the question marks and the original frame. I then put PAPER pieces on the corners. I like the vines entwining and going who knows where. Then I WROTE the definition of Curiousity on the side. I liked how artsymama put the charcoal on the edges to make it stand out, so I did CHARCOAL on all my edges.

I think for it to look complete, I will have to finish the back of the first page but that's for another day!

Here is a close up

Thanks for looking and here's to number 3!!

Oh! And in case any of you are CURIOUS (Ha!) ..... I was! The picture is of a aluminum bronze international boundary marker on the Alaska/Yukon border at the edge of the Arctic ocean. It was put there in 1912.

Also, Sarah got her project done(see previous post) and the poems are awesome! I will post some,if she'll let me!
Now I'm off to a rock concert!! Wish me luck.....



ArtsyMama said...

Love this! Great work:) Yes, the prompts are merely a suggestion, you can go wherever you want with it. Glad you did something so person. Can't wait to see more of your work!

Monica said...

This is great! I like how you torn the paper into a question mark, and the paper that you used is so beautiful! Very nice!

Sharon said...

Cheryl, your page is so great. Don't you just love it when your muse takes over does things right before your eyes like the question mark that you were tearing out but didn't know it. I just love that. It is a good zone to be in creatively.
Yes, here to #3.

Lizzy said...

Oh wow, this is totally awesome! Very neat and so interesting to look at... There's so much detail!

Anonymous said...

Oooo, I like that!! What a creative way to express Curiousity!