Thursday, October 2, 2008


These are a close up of some orange mums my honey got for me -so pretty

This is kinda crazy, but in a good way. Yesterday and the day before, I wanted to put up a blog entry. And I got stuck every part of the way. Couldn't sign in, then couldn't upload pics and I just got frustrated I gave up. Frig this! Geez.

I did get onto Jacqueline's site though and told her that I wanted to join the Artist's way group. After a while trying to do that... it finally worked. I have done the morning pages 2 just TWO days and all the while there are voices in your head..

" what are you doing, this is a waste of time, you have stuff to do, yadda yadda"

BUT I do it anyway. Yesterday, I made a list of stuff I wanted to accomplish that day. I didnt get some of it done, but some I did and now today I got the rest done!

Anyways, I felt like yesterday was kind of a waste and then woke up today and did pages again. It wasnt so much what I wrote I dont think but the shift in attitude about doing something that I set out to do... so another list today and it was sunny out today and I just said lets just go for a walk! And we did. Maggie and I in the leaves and I took tons of pics that I am happy with and that felt good. Here are some below...

BUT I came back and did some ebay work ( that I have put off for months!) and then decided to do a blog entry about today and whatdayaknow! Pics loaded first try and no problems- imagine that.

I guess cause yesterday I was just putting up stuff to make an entry... not to be real. And my point of today was to show that I had a good time in the woods with my puppy and my camera and that feels good.

So now many ideas swirling and got to get them all down.

I want to make this blog more of ME too not just fluff. I don't need to make this for anyone else or to impress or be "popular".

I can show the REAL me - not just here but in my day to day life too.

That is something to work on.

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Spiral Bettie said...

I am so happy to see the real you!! Go for it! Be authentic! Screw the inner voices!!They are just there to keep you down and keep you "safe". You grow, Cheryl, you GROW!
Thank you for saying yes to the Artist's Way. It is beautiful to have community to support this process.
I will post again tomorrow on SAW Sacred Circle.