Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sarah's room

Well, we are almost at the end of doing Sarah's room! We installed a new carpet (much better than cold tile!) on Thanksgiving weekend and we painted a wall that was dark red into black. Just one wall and the others are white. Sarah wanted to go with a neat black and white theme. She could see it in her head and we executed it. So cool.

THis was the wall before...

And after with awesome decals from IKEA. THey wouldnt stick to the paint- but nothing some gel medium couldn't fix!

Yesterday, we found a great bed set. As soon as she saw it, it was like "THAt's it!". No more looking.. are you sure? YUP!.

It is cool- reversible black and white tree designs with 2 throw pillows- one solid black and one both sides same as comforter. Pillow shams too - also reversible. Love it! So does she.

She picked out this candle holder too which looks great on her wall, some boxes for storage and I have to sew a body pillow case for her couch.

So the colors are black white and tan. Looks great.

This is above her door. I ordered this from Rwanda for her 16th birthday. It is handmade by the women there. She had done a project on Rwanda and was very interested in it and I made a book with it showing how the two tribes are now working together where once there was tragedy.

A nice reminder of hope.

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