Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Back home!

What a wonderful experience. So many others have expressed it better. Just got back from Squam in NH and beyond expectations a hundredfold. Elizabeth, I'm so glad it turned out to be beyond your dreams.

On the flip side of coming home though, I learned that our sweet puppy Maggie mae was in the vet hospital with a blocked bowel. She was on IV and had to stay at the vets for almost a week! She came home last night and home seems complete now. Who would have thunk 6 months ago that she could bring so much.

At the last minute Mom decided to come and take classes! She didn't think she would, but I think she really enjoyed it and she came home with a doll and a bag.

We were at a camp that had been here for years with the same people returning each year. I can see why.
Even though NH is very close in scenery to my home here( lucky me!) it was still so nice with the mountains and peace and being right on the water.

We were in a cabin right on the water with a dock and 2 porches and an upstairs where we slept had screened in windows all the way around. Like our own treehouse!

The meals were all fantastic and the first night we had a talk with design sponge and then to the bonfire with singing with Jonatha Brooke. What a great voice and super person. I bought her CD and now I can listen all the time!

My first class was with the great Judy Wise and she lives up to her name with the comments and thoughts she comes up with. She brought her wonderful journals too which were so awesome! This was our classroom, hard to take eh?

That night there was a talk with Kelly Rae and Mati rose about how they started and a question panel. I'm sure it could have gone all night, but it wound up about 9.

The next day I had travel journaling with Penelope. We were on our own for the morning and it rained in the afternoon, so we went shopping! Loved it. It was in Merideth and in an old mill. There was still water coming through. I got some presents and then there was a bookstore! So of course I had to be drug away. This white stuff is the water rushing through.

That night was the book launch from Swirly. We were all in a cabin and rain hitting the tin roof. She did some readings and I love the puddling connection!

The next day my class was with Andrea along with the famous Jen Gray and Jonatha again. We did some exercises with a camera and values in the morning and in the aft we got to hike to the top of Rattlesnake mt. Quite the hike and it was in the high 70's by then. The view was all worth it though.

That night we were on our own for dinner and the art fair was in town. We all went in there and I got Kelly rae's book and Christines book and some supplies. I loved all the stuff and very cool to see everyones work.

We went to the Corner House inn for dinner and there were 6 of us that had a great dinner and conversation.

That night we put our page in the cottage journal( this isn't it) and signed each others journals and had a great time making fun of Bill.

Some shots...

The last day was pouring rain and we left after breakfast. Amanda said the rain was fitting because it made it easier to leave. How true.

We took a group pic Sat morning of everybody which looks amazing! And we took one of our cabin too. I took this of everyone.

Top - Melanie, Amanda, my Mom
Bottom - Jen, Diana, Jacqueline

Thanks for being such awesome cabin mates!

See ya next year!


Colorsonmymind said...

I put up a great photo of your mom in the flickr group.

Would you add these photos to it?

They are great!

Glad your puppy Maggie Mae is ok.

So glad you and your mom came to Squam!


Anonymous said...

oh I love your shots and descriptions-- I didn't know you went to Meredith (that's where T and I lived for 12 years!)

and WOW what a great group you had in your cabin!!


Spiral Bettie said...

I miss you already! This is such a great picture.
I wish Maggie Mae health. She just missed you too much!
How's your creative jusices flowin'? said...

Waht pretty photos! that would be a lovely place to go.

And your poor puppy! They do get into things they shouldn't be eating and it can sure cause some problems. Good luck with her.