Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Some art pics of Costa Rica.

Isn't that cool? I love this shot.

This will be the last post of CR and then onto Artfest! Yeah, and it's only a month later...ohwell.

After about 8 days, I was happy to have a day that had some art filled things in it!

First, this was the mosaic behind the bar at the resort.. very cool.

Sarah standing INSIDE the trunk of the tree... the outside of it was all carved - you can see part of it there on the left.

These were hand carved wall hangings, all different sizes and animals.

This is the typical oxcart that were used to take coffee beans across the country to the pacific for shipping. We were at a museum that showed all the paintings on these carts through the years. They are all hand painted by eye!

This is one in progress, no pencil marks, no stencils, just freehand designs. Below are close ups of the wheels.

Hey guys, want this on your art table? lol

And a neat shot of all the paints...

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amyrehnae said...

wow! what an adventure!! i have always wanted to go! course, anything tropical is my cup of tea! i am finally back on line with the blog...thanks for your sweet msg via facebook...i apologize for not responding sooner...i was down to my phone for any access to fb or internet and with all that i wanted to say, i would still be typing! lol! at any rate, glad to have inspired you with my little space...outgrowing it so fast! and for your words of wisdom on having one child...means so much, and i do think, with another, our relationship would definitely change! i'll keep you posted on what happens, though, of course! missin' you, sister!!