Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Costa Rica Animals

we were pschyed to see some animals and we were not disappointed! These are some of our shots...

So Cool to see a Toucan! Loved it.

Geckos around the cabin,

A tree full of iguanas - crazy!

Howler monkeys with their babies jumping in trees right in front of us..

Poison dart frogs..

And frogs that looked like dinosaurs.

Caimans(whcih are like small crocodiles) Sarah had done a project on these and didn't realize these were here!)

And a sloth.. we didn't think they were here either. Pretty neat.

HUGE beetles and we touched them!

Oh.. and elephants? In the jungle? lol Our towels at the volcano - she used leaves for eyes and plants. Loved it!

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Spiral Bettie said...

I love your vacation shots!
What a memorable trip for you.

And I so love the new look to your blog. The textures and the keys make me giddy.