Friday, November 21, 2008

Sarah's reflections of NYC

These are some of our New York pictures. These were all taken by my daughter, Sarah who SAYS she isn't artistic.

I beg to differ...

A structure in Central Park..

This is from an exhibit at the Met.

Aren't these awesome?! Some from a street fair, some from a night we went out to a band and took the tram over the river to Roosevelt Island.

This is the girl in action! At the top of Rockefeller building. See Central park?

This is what she was taking a pic of. St. Pat's Cathedral.

And this one, I just got enlarged to 20x30 and its now on her bedroom wall.

Nope, not artistic at all...:)


Clare said...

just stumbled upon your blog. I love it and I think the picture on the top is just breathtaking. Is it in Canada or N. America?

Your daughter is definetely artistic. I dont have an artistic bone in my body. I do love to knit and glue pictures into a journal!! I have friends who are great artists though.

Spiral Bettie said...

You go, Sarah! You just go on with your non-artistic self!