Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Book Tuesday

Just getting this under the wire!!
The book this week is Decorating Porches and Decks. I have been leaving this for awhile since the weather has been so crappy, the last thing I want to do is go outside! BUT (cross fingers here) we are supposed to get SUN(what's that?) on Thurs and up to +19 on Sat and sunday!!! YAY I cannot wait.
So in keeping with that, a book about decorating your outdoor spaces. I liked this book and it had some good ideas and pictures.

One was for a stick arbor I'd like to try and also a stenciled and painted floor.

This was for a blind at the end of the porch. Now I just have to clean it off so I can get my furniture out there!!

AS for the previous post on the patterns, I have relisted them all today till next Tuesday.

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cherry menlove said...

This book looks wonderful! Thank you for posting about it, I have added it to my list.

Cherry xx