Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I now have the website up! whew what a lot of work. I am linking it to the art blog though and will be updating there too. I am not sure what to do with this blog - not sure how many people come here - Hi Janet and Kim! oh and MOM - and it might be confusing to have 2 blogs. I might see about importing these posts to the art blog and then continuing with one... what do ya think?

Above is a new piece I painted and I have more listed at the etsy store here

I have a facebook fan page here that is pretty cool. I made a custom home tab and it makes it is more unique than landing at the wall. You can still access the wall and leave a comment!

I am also on twitter which is a lot of fun! Meeting lots of artists on there and tons of great content because these people are all interested in the same things. Like a bunch of mini blogs.

That's it for now! yikes. I want to start a zazzle shop for products and maybe an artfire shop for other art. I am working on my youtube channel and would like to start posting some videos.

oh, and maybe make some more art.

Yeah, that would be good.


Janet Ghio said...

okay--you need to give me the link to the art blog if that is where i need to go, so I can add it to my blogroll. Otherwise, I will never find you again!!

Karen Cole said...


I am impressed. Perhaps I should hire you to get my act together. Everything looks great. Love the painting!

Monica said...

Where is your art blog?