Thursday, September 9, 2010

Collage Board

Well Sarah(my daughter) is all settled in now in Residence in Nursing school! All of us are excited and a fun time for her.

We took a lot of her stuff, but she left this corkboard she had covered in collage. Not enough room and concrete walls. :(

This is made up of all things she cut out and made up.

The bottom corner is the one I like....

Some sayings:

First, you dream it. Then you do it.

Be an original



"I've got to be me"

I'm hungry for change


I want life to mean something

There is no height restriction in breaking records - No minimum age for making millions

That whole "everyones doing it" thing
when it comes to being a teenager
and getting high?
Just another stupid stereotype.

Good advice I think.


Janet Ghio said...

I can see you adding those things to the inspiration card list....

Rita A. said...

And with nursing school it would appear the board worked. It's amazing what our kids do sometimes.