Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer is here!

Well, we are getting the heat now! NOT complaining... June here was the worst on record for Rain so any day now with Sun is wonderful.

Lots goin on.. Sarah is officially graduated and it was a great ceremony.

Here she is with her loot coming off the stage at the end. Besides her diploma, she won highest marks award in 5 of her classes, won a gold watch for high marks, Ontario Scholar, medal for over 80% avg, 3 scholarships including the entrance one for her college and one given for future nursing students. Wow. so proud.

Her boyfriend surprised her with a wrist corsage... so pretty!

And her Dad brought her these.

Lots of great gifts including a nice one from her Nana! and I gave her the book I made, some nursing charms and a diary I had made for her since she was 10. I have another gift, but I haven't given it to her yet, so mumm.

She is now officially moved out and most of her stuff is gone and she moves into residence in Sept. :( Hard adjustment for me, but I know she is gonna do great!!

Other things keeping me busy is this tiny garden...

Oh, and laying here -

It's rough I know, but I think I can handle it.

Stay cool!


Janet Ghio said...

Love that hammock! Congratulations to Sarah and to her mom who did such a good job raising her!!

mary lawrence said...

I second that comment! Congratulations to the award-winning graduate and mom! its hard at first when the baby birds fly the nest, but that hammock looks mighty inviting....