Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Journal and 30/30 project

I watched a video on youtube about making a journal out of a pad of watercolor paper. It looked fun to do so I did it.

First, I had to cut the edges of paper in a decorative design..

First, I had to cut the edges of paper in a decorative design..

Then the back of the pad is cut in half.

And taped together - I used packing tape but you could use bookbinding tape too.

I added scrapbook papers to the front

and glued them
added interior pages,

And then covered my tape with foil tape.

I sewed 2 signatures in,

and used foil tape to put on the outside. It covered up the stitching and I put plastic flowers underneath and then burnished them to show up.

I love this tape! You could use all kinds of objects underneath for a design.

This is a top view.

Now to fill all the pages!!

On one of my yahoo groups, we are doing a 30 projects in 30 days. This is Day 1. Shh, don't tell that I am days behind and now need to get to work.:)


Lisa said...

Love your journal. The idea of using foil tape is great. Added a lot of detail to the spine. Thanks for sharing!

freebird said...

Great job! I like the idea of using more than one signature myself. Now what to fill it with! Have fun.

Janet Ghio said...

Oh I love this post. I am such a visual learner and to see it step by step was fabulous!!! And the silver tape with the flowers underneath. How cool is that!!

Rita A. said...

What a novel idea. I love how you took the video and made it your own. Now get busy! lol

juliet said...

the flower idea! how wonderful and creative! love it!

Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy said...

HI there, I found you through Kelly Rae's class...I see your from the North, like me....which part of our beautiful Canada are you in? I am in North Bay, Ontario...north of Toronto:D Hope your enjoying the course. Be Well. Mandy of Bijou's Whimsy