Friday, October 30, 2009

WAy to go Sarah!

Sarah entered a photography contest at school this month - I guess now it will be every month.

The topic was "shapes". She entered this photo....

And she won! She gets it shown at the school and a large glossy print to keep.

The teacher was amazed and asked why she wasn't taking photography class????  She can't because it conflicts with Chemistry which she needs. The teacher asked her to take photos for the yearbook too.

This is of the central park bridge in NYC  last summer. 

She also been asked to go to a skills competition for photography - only 2 people went last year! It's regionals and from there she could go to provincials and nationals.

She's pretty excited. Me too :)

I'll keep you posted.


Tracey said...

Of course she won, that is a totally amazing shot!!!

:) T

Tammy said...

A fantastic photo! Congratulations, Sarah and mom!

freebird said...

Super! Congrats to your daughter. I took lessons because I could almost guarantee a poor picture every time. (Now it's maybe down to 50%). Hope your daughter keeps going. It's a great life long interest if not a career.