Monday, February 23, 2009

The Book on the bookshelf

Just finished reading this book and very interesting - especially to a bookaholic like me! As he was ending up and talking about his bookshelves, I was thinking I only had the 2.. then thought of there, and there and!

So I took some pics and thought this would be a good blog post.

Don't mind the mess!

This was the main place I was thinking and you see how it is overflowing and going onto the cupboard next to it!

THis is a stack beside that case.

Even a shelf in my daughters room!

A cupboard in the kitchen, closed and open. See the double rows??

Another bookshelf in the living room-a little neater.

And beside my chair - the ones that have to be read next.

And this doesn't include the PILE of library books to go through too.

I know, crazy. But what would life be without books?


Chris said...

I found your blog through the year of color blog listing and I love it. I too am a bibliophile and can hardly walk through the house without tripping over a book. I love your quilt images among others. I'll be back.

Tammy said...

Love a house full of books! I love that book cover - I had to look twice because I really thought it was four spines.