Monday, January 26, 2009

Hey Junkers!

Run! and get this book.

Salvage Studio by 3 great ladies, Beth, LIsa and Amy.

THis isn't just a project book like others... it's a whole experience. I had the luxury of a few hours last night sitting down and just soaking it all in. PLUS tons of ideas! I got mine from the library so I had a pad of paper beside me with ideas written down!

I won't give any of them away here, but if you've got lots of junk around and junk being a GREAT word... then you will love this and all the way to use the stuff you have already - or give you an excuse to get more! That's what I like!

Here are some shots from the book...

They also have a great blog! Great for more ideas not in the book.


Star's Fault said...

Hi ~ Just dropping by from your link on Year of Color blog. Love the book shots, and since I'm an "accummulator" of books (worse than "collector")I've taken down the name and author and plan to hit Barnes and Noble later today.

Love junk too... hubby does not. He calls antique furniture "firewood". Go figure.

Blessings ~ Eileen

paperhill said...

love those photos!