Friday, May 2, 2008

Guessing Game?

I just got a swap in the mail yesterday from Finland! It is always nice to see foreign mail in my mailbox.

This swap was to send something to match the person's first name - so Cheryl - something for C, something for H and so on.

I opened it up and pulled out things and I was goin' -huh?

It's a good thing she sent a note explaining! The C was fine - cards and chocolate.

Then the heart for H - and neat wooden one with a ribbon.

Then it got confusing... the moose keychain I loved! and it was E. The silicone cupcake holders were really neat too and were R. A felted butterfly made by her was Y and a set of napkins from merimekko were L.

Can ya guess?

So I read her note and...

E - Elk
R- Reuseable muffin cases
Y- Handmade for YOU
L-Lautasliinoa - which is finnish for napkins!

Bonus points if you got any of those.

By the way - take no notice of the chocolate bar that looks a little tore open...

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