Friday, April 11, 2008

More artfest!

This is going to be the short version, cause I don't want to bore you to tears with details...

On Monday, I went walking down to Pioneer Square and went into the Elliot Bay bookstore. Amazing! Brick walls and wood floors and rooms and rooms of books. I took the underground tour at 11am. which was so cool! It ended in a museum which has lots of neat history and then into an antique store with 60 dealers. Can you say heaven?

I then went up Smith Tower for a view and then on to the Klondike musuem which was very interesting.
I came back to the hostel and met up with Miranda from San jose and had dinner. We then met a girl from Finland who has been traveling by train in the US for a month! Her art journal was amazing. Another girl from Japan came later.

The next morning I went up to the shopping centre and to the Japanese dollar store and fireworks which was a craft art store. I then walked UPHILL to the Frye museum to see the R. Crumb exhibit and then back to meet my roommates from Toronto. We went on a tour and I went to the library to see Jodie Picoult and then to bed.

The next day we took a walk around and got ready for the ferry at 11.

We stopped at a few stores in Bainbridge

and then on to Port Townsend! We checked in and got our bags and bought some goodies too! I went to my dorm

and met Leisl and bought a chicken ceaser salad and ate out on our 2nd floor porch. I loved feeling the warmth. Met Leisl and Kathy for the meeting

and seeing teachers and onto the art asylum which was crazy! I stayed till 930. Went back and met Lisa and Layla and we went and partied downstairs.This was to become a nightly thing - the "afterparty" That night I met Kristie and Nikki and Celeste and Dawn, Jill and Morag. This would only get bigger!

Day one of classes was Demeng for me and altering a plug. Lotsa fun and loved the critique.

That night was a bonfire on the beach and journaling party. Lots of fun! I took some pics of the beach

and some letters and Lilli played violin which was cool! Had a chat with her and we got a ride back with Kathy to the dorm to party on!

Day 2 was Misty and I made a book I have to still work on. I got to sit next to Michelle which was great fun! Day 3 was NInas class and I learnt a lot of new techniques.

We left at 9 on Sunday and went to Seattle for some shopping and dinner by the airport motel. We left Monday at 8 and I am just now catching up on sleep.

Some other random thoughts... nice to see show and tell of everyone - gave me ideas for next year! Having dinner with new friends*inspiring art journals* safeway deli food rocks!* dorm buddies are awesome*the dresses!*ex-boyfriends going postal* 10 miles of bad road* badge and journal from Michelle*Layla's faces* great food* vendor night* more and more!

A truly inspiring experience that I hope will stay with me - in techniques, inspiration and friendships.

Next post - some great people shots!


Anonymous said...

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dollface design said...

hi cheryl!!!!
it was so great meeting you, you were the best roomie ever!!! :D still looking into the retreat in new hampshire and trying to figure out my finances, but i'll let you know when i know, just hearted you on etsy too, you've got fantastic things in your shop and a lovley blog too!
keep in touch! ♥

celeste said...

great post.
so wanting to keep the dorm 202 tribe vibe going. i think we perhaps should try little mail treats....and lots of comments on each others blogs :)