Tuesday, November 6, 2007

And some more...

Okay... these first set are of our old living room windows and wall. We took out 2 old cottage windows that you could feel air come in and put in a new patio door! I love it - it gives so much more light and a way into the back yard which we didnt have.

Before- Sarah's hand in there! Lovely 70's paneling as well.

Good thing this whole operation only took a couple hours - nice big hole in my wall! I had to move some wiring and then we put the new door in!

Then we put on some pine siding. So much better!

Next, the kitchen...

Again, 2 old windows came out and we put in one bigger one - that I can open!

There is no after pic of this cause its still this way! We are doing the kitchen next, so not sure where all the cupboards are going yet and what I want to put on that wall?

Then there was another window in the living room on the opposite wall and replaced with a bigger one.

The pine is on this wall as well and the other 2 walls are painted. This is where I sit everyday to blog and read blogs and ebay and email and ..... I sit here alot! It is a nice view now anyways!

Well, today I am off and not sitting here(!) Going to the library and groceries -always fun!

I have some more pics but we are almost caught up with where we are now, I am working on the bathroom and I will post them when we are done. Sarah and I went away for the weekend and we came home to a nice cedar panelled bath! Love it! I have to do the floor and lighting and it will almost be done!

Talk soon.

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