Thursday, August 9, 2007

Whew, I'm tired out!

And I can imagine what Kari is feeling from Artsy Mama. I looked at a bunch of posts from the party she had yesterday. Yeah, I'm just gettting to some of them now! She had over a hundred "guests" and I'm sure she is thrilled. There were tons of great posts and tutorials and we will have that as a reference too.

There were also some giveaways and I won one already! I won the inchies on Lia's site Art Junk Girl. It will be neat to get started on that! I've been curious about working on something so small.

I also put my name in for a few people that were giving away extra copies of Artful Blogging. I have to have this! Everyone is talking about it and I cant find it anywhere up here. I am going to Ottawa this weekend so I hope I can find it there.

I am going to my aunts again to help her get organized and ready for a garage sale. - But you know what? There is an IKEA 10 minutes away from her house -SO I might have to sneak there too! I'm also hitting that great flea market on the way home on Sunday.

This pic is from our weekend - they were outside our cabin, so I had to take a pic!

I think I am leaving late morning tomorrow - I am going to a local craft show and then hitting some stores before I go there. She has a new puppy too! So I will be sure to take pics of that too.

Have a good weekend!

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Healing Expressions said...

So fun to find your blog! Thanks so much for stopping by for the art party and joining in the drawing for my little art blessings basket! Happy day to you!