Friday, May 25, 2007


So I didnt have to worry about the weather - a complete turnaround in a week! 31C degrees and hot!! Got a tan, had the top down, and a nice 2.5 hour drive to see Sarah at her track meet. She was soooo close to moving on - one spot! Sometimes thats worse. She is already gearing up for next year - she thinks she wants to run again. She did for a while and then stopped.

Her event wasnt till 2 so I went shopping!! Good thing this town had every store I would want! I went by the Michaels and thought I would stop there and see. I had heard about the Martha Stewart line, but didnt expect it to be here in Canada and it was! The stuff is so cool. Colors and things I have never seen. I had gone on the website to see, but in person they are better and there is more in the store. I couldnt resist to buy a couple things!

Then I hit on the clearance section. WOOOHOO! Things for 50c and 1.00???? No way! So I had to go get a cart LOL! and fill it up. Everything in this pic was 2.00 or under! Score!

These I like the best, these pearl letters in different letters and this ribbon with different sayings on it.

A couple hours later (!!!) I went to find the school and also stopped at the thrift store and spent a whole 10 bucks on papers, boxes, lace, ribbon, gift wrap and stationary!

So now I have all these things, now to do something with them! Right? I plan to spend this weekend working on some projects. I will share here as soon as I get done! I'm still in the middle of swaps too and lovin it! I am also hosting one called the magazine scavenger hunt - you have to go through different mags and find the items and send them to your partner. I have till June 4th to sign up. Check it out!

There is also 1 day left on the cottage giveaway. I am giving away the vintage homemakers party pack and please go to that post and sign up -I will be drawing the name sometime tomorrow so there is still time!

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Farmer Di said...

Hi there

Glad to see another from are the 2nd one I have met! What part are you from? I am in Eastern Ontario, south of Ottawa near the US border.

So from your post I understand you have a convertible...can it be true? I also have a convertible & have a tan just from driving it! We have to take advantage of those sunny days up here! Our summer season is too short ~ lol ~ I also have a Sarah! Cool eh~

Diana aka Farmer Di