Friday, January 21, 2011


I am finding it weird to have 2 blogs. There are things I want to post both places and it seems redundant to do things twice. There is one me so I want to put all my posts together.

Since the cheryl connell one is tied to the website and artwork, I have imported all of the posts from here to there.

Please update all your bookmarks and hope to see you there!


Friday, January 14, 2011

2nd week 365 pics

Jan 8 - my friends birthday card I made her. We went for dinner at the Keg too - very yummy!

Jan 9 - Groceries on the way home...

Jan 10 - Sweet potato fries I made for supper.

Jan 11 - House sitting for friends.

Jan 12
Jan 13- At my friends house - a cool glass window in the bath.

Jan 14 - More things to put up for sale.

This is kind of neat - having a daily diary of my life this year.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I now have the website up! whew what a lot of work. I am linking it to the art blog though and will be updating there too. I am not sure what to do with this blog - not sure how many people come here - Hi Janet and Kim! oh and MOM - and it might be confusing to have 2 blogs. I might see about importing these posts to the art blog and then continuing with one... what do ya think?

Above is a new piece I painted and I have more listed at the etsy store here

I have a facebook fan page here that is pretty cool. I made a custom home tab and it makes it is more unique than landing at the wall. You can still access the wall and leave a comment!

I am also on twitter which is a lot of fun! Meeting lots of artists on there and tons of great content because these people are all interested in the same things. Like a bunch of mini blogs.

That's it for now! yikes. I want to start a zazzle shop for products and maybe an artfire shop for other art. I am working on my youtube channel and would like to start posting some videos.

oh, and maybe make some more art.

Yeah, that would be good.

Friday, January 7, 2011

365 Project

So... I already posted the first pic on Jan 1 and these are the next ones for the week.

A cool cup I got from Sarah for Christmas. I like owls. And I don't drink a lot of coffee, so it is beside my computer where I can see it all the time.

Jan 3 was spent most of the day looking at this. Got a lot done though!

Jan4 - this is a decal that Sarah got me too. This is in the craft room.

Jan5 - cupcakes I made for Sarah's birthday.

Jan 6 - A trip to the library and these are SOME of the books I got. Look at the size of that snow leopard book! And I only get it for 3 weeks cause someone else wants it next.eek.

Today. Some of the prints I just listed on the etsy shop! They turned out really well and it is exciting.

Sorry for some flashes... sometimes I wouldnt think of it till later and since it is dark here now at around 430 (yuck!) I had to use flash. :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A new year and a new word.

First, I am going to attempt the photo a day 365 challenge. Number one above! I will probably post them weekly but I will try to TAKE a photo each day. How hard can that be? :)

Christmas and Holidays was quiet and nice with family. I had my decorations BURIED so it was good that I went away! That meant that the stocking for Sarah was buried too and even though she is 18 (19 in 3 days! ) she still loves her stocking. I was gonna buy one, but I decided since I had the sewing machine out from making the monster (past post) I would make her one!

I hand stitched the name and did the trim and ribbon. She LOVED it! and now she can take it with her for her next Christmases.

Speaking of the previous monster, when she saw the one I had made - she wanted one! So I made her one of those too.

It's a rockin out one and with some leather and lace. She loved this too! And she can be a little picky... just sayin. She will tell you what she likes and doesn't like and she's not the "artsy" type like her mama so it was nice to see her like the stuff I did.

So now on Day 2 of 2011 I am putting out my word for the year too.


Something I need a lot of - lol. I tend to do lots of things, have lots of ideas, and not get anything done. Some things done, but not the LISTS of things I would like.

So now to focus, get off the computer more - or USE it for making those things happen. Have a schedule for art, for reading, for leisure, make some deadlines and follow through.

I don't want to be all rigid but just clearer on the vision - FOCUS.

Good one.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Hopefully all your ins are outs and everything is in the right place. :)

I'm all ready and waiting to see my girlie!! We are going to see Harry Potter over the holidays as that is a tradition we have always seen them together. I thought maybe this year she wouldn't care, but she is MAKIN me! lol. She is like we always do this together - we have to see them all. So of course we are.

Lots of exciting things brewing and I will tell you all about it in the new year!

And maybe give you a sneak peek before then.

Have a joyful time wherever you are.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Chocolate Cookie Bark

MMMMmmmm and easy peasy.

Melt some white chocolate. Add 2 T peanut butter and stir.

Melt some milk chocolate. (around 6-8 squares of each)

Add some cut up pieces of OREO cookies to both bowls and stir.(8 cookies)

Spread out in drops of both colors. Use knife to swirl.


The hardest part is stopping myself from eating it ALL.


Friday, December 3, 2010

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nick Bantock contest entry

This is my entry for a tribute to Nick Bantock contest. He is the author of the Griffin and Sabine books which I loved! Plus more.

There is still time to enter and the rules are here.

Here are some of my close ups. I had so much fun making this!

I had an old library card from the first book and used it. On the front of that are some metal wings and a piece of mica and a cigar tag.

I used some vintage stamps and made a hand done post mark.

A couple puzzle pieces and the number 5.

This piece of paper is tucked into the card and it is a copy of a french letter that I printed on vintage paper and then crumpled to look old.

See my entry here!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Meet Lulabelle!

This is my monster for week 3 of the willowing class. I named her Lulabelle- not sure why- the name just jumped at me.

One thing I liked about this is that it is all made from stuff I had here. All recycled! Buttons, fabric, ribbon, felt - all part of my stash. Glad it came in handy for something :) Even the stuffing! I actually had no polyfil and I wanted her done NOW. So I took a flat pillow and gutted it! hehe.

This is a detail of her tummy. I am so psyched that my simple machine even did these stitches! The heart is an embossed velvet upholstery fabric.

It was nice to be at a sewing machine again.